A New Level of Hell

As we moved down to the next circle,
I saw a massive group of people.
In front of them were endless rows of screens.

All the sinners strode together from screen to screen
Watching whatever was being displayed before them.
My master ushered me forward to observe them.

All the people in the group had duct tape on their mouths.
Up on the screen was what appeared to be a reality T.V show.
Baffled I asked, “Master what does this mean?”

He replied, “this is the realm of gossips.
Each sinner must watch with a group as
Each individual’s life is put on display.”

I: “And what of the duct tape master?”
He: “This prevents the sinners from gossiping about what they see.
It also prevents the one on display from making a defense of his life.”

Then I saw, at the edge of the group, a woman.
Her ears were the size of two watermelons on her head.
“Master, what of the woman with watermelon ears?”

“That,” said he, “is one who tried to remove the duct tape.”
Ah, a fitting punishment to be perpetually humiliated
And to be removed from that you loved to do most.

Looking at the woman’s ears I laughed so hard I fainted.

If you have not read Dante’s Inferno this made no sense and I apologize. Nonetheless I hope you were able to enjoy it!

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