Being A Nation That Trusts

It is almost impossible to scroll through Facebook (or whatever social media forum you choose) without being bombarded by political posts that turn into squabbles or even out-and-out fights.  In his work The City of God, St. Augustine addresses the importance of maintaining peace amongst human beings and trusting that God is in control of the earthly kingdom as well as the heavenly one.  We must understand that people are going to have different political opinions and whether or not we agree we should still strive to live in harmony.  Augustine says, “from one individual a multitude might be propagated, and that this fact should teach mankind to preserve a harmonious unity in plurality” (68).  Yet when people face an unknown that they do not like, they often respond to their fear with anger.  When a president is elected and his polices frighten some, they lash out in anger against those who may support that president.   Those who support that President respond in anger to protestors leading to a vicious cycle of fear and anger which disrupts harmony.  St. Augustine addresses this idea as well saying, “For no event is to no purpose under the all-embracing government of God’s providence, even if the reason for it is hidden from us.”  We all must trust God, and understand that whatever leader we have, He has given us for a reason.  It is only through this trust that fallen, angry, and frightened people can hope to live in harmony.

One thought on “Being A Nation That Trusts

  1. Well said Katharyne.Unfortunately there may be those who want this situation to happen for there own agenda.I am thankful that God is in control..


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