Hello World!

Hello and welcome! I am very excited to be posting my first blog.  To know more about me or about the goal of my website click on the about and home links.  My goal is to post something that relates to my writing life every Sunday.  Every time I write I learn something new about the art and I hope that all of you will be able to see me grow as a writer and learn or feel something new as well.  For today I am just going to start by giving you a little taste of what I do.  Below is a poem that I have been working on entitled The Desert’s Only Well.

Clear blue water glimmers and gleams,
A mirage reflecting dry dreams.
Lean far over the wishing well.
The waters rise and seem to swell.

Little ripples break the surface,
As heavy tears roll down your face.
Glimpsing a shattered reflection.
Hear the soft scream of rejection.

Lean further straining to look down.
Trying to hear all the lost sounds.
Many before have wished and looked,
But the desert dried all their hope.

The water reflects empty hearts.
At the wishing well dreams depart.

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